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HOW TO VOTE in Sweden

The European elections take part in Sweden on 26 May 2019. Swedish and EU citizens who attain the age of 18 years not later than election day are entitled to vote. It’s also possible to vote in advance, by proxy or abroad if certain conditions are met.

The elections take place on 26 May 2019 in Sweden

Voters in Sweden have to vote in a specific polling station based on their home address.

People entitled to vote will receive a voting card in the post, approximately three weeks before the elections. Your polling station will appear on your voting card.
You cannot vote in a polling station other than the one mentioned on the voting card.

In Sweden you have to be at least 18 years old on election day to vote in the European elections.

Voters will elect 21 Members of the European Parliament in 2019, one more than in the 2014 elections.

You don’t need to register to vote. The voting card is sent to the address recorded in the national population register of the Swedish Tax Agency. When advance voting begins 18 days before the election, the voting cards should have reached all voters.

Anyone who loses their voting card may obtain a replacement card.

You need to bring your voting card and an ID.

Normally you can’t: Postal votes are available for people who are abroad. Postal votes can be mailed from abroad 45 days before election day at the earliest. Postal votes may not be mailed from Sweden. Special material is required for postal voting. The material may be ordered from the Election Authority or from a mission abroad. Postal votes must be sent from abroad and must arrive in time for the counting of votes

Information from the Election Authority

Vote by proxy

You can vote by proxy if because of old age, illness or disability you are unable to go yourself to the polling station or an advance voting location. If so, your husband, wife or common-law spouse, or your husband’s, wife’s or common-law spouse’s child, grandchild, parent or sibling may act as your proxy. A professional care provider or someone equivalent, or a person who regularly helps you may also act as a proxy. You can also vote by proxy if you are in custody or in prison. If so, the staff can help you. If you reside in an area served by a rural postman, then the rural postman can act as a proxy for you. If you do not know of anyone who may act as your proxy, your municipality can arrange for a vote recipient to come to your home. .

The right to vote in elections to the European Parliament is also enjoyed by citizens from other EU countries aged 18 or over on election day. It is a precondition that they must be registered residents in Sweden at least 30 days before election day and that they must submit a notification requesting that they be listed on the electoral roll. In that case they cannot vote in another EU country as well.

Sweden constitutes a single constituency for elections to the European Parliament.

In order to take part in the distribution of seats in elections to the European Parliament, a political party must gain at least 4% of all valid votes cast in the whole of Sweden.

Voters vote for a political party and may, at the same time, mark the candidate that they would prefer to be elected on their ballot paper with a cross. This is called preference voting. No one may be elected against their will, consent must be given.

Each political party sets up a list of candidates.

There are no rules prescribing how to form a political party in Sweden but all parties wishing to participate in the election must notify the authorities of their intentions no later than 30 days before election day.

For further information please consult the website of the Swedish Election authority’s website.

You can vote in advance at a voting location anywhere in Sweden. Advance voting starts 18 days before election day and goes on right up to election day itself.

How can I vote in other countries?

The information by country is available in English and in the language(s) of the selected country
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